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Athletics Otago Squads - Criteria

as at July 2016



1.         GENERAL

The Athletics Otago Squads are administered by Directors appointed at the Athletics Otago AGM.  Any support/funding is intended to contribute to an athlete’s competition needs with focus on New Zealand Championships.  Being a member of any of these squads is not a reward for past performance, but rather is designed to support individuals identified by Athletics Otago as having the ability/potential to deliver consistent performance.



The underlying fundamental principles of the squad are:


2.1       Being a member of any squad is designed to support a select group of athletes and assist in their development towards the selection for national teams.


2.2       Being a member of any squad will be considered for those athletes who can demonstrate their readiness and ability to achieve peak performance at a New Zealand Championship event.  Such readiness is demonstrated through the athlete’s training and competition plan.


3.         ELIGIBILITY

To be eligible to be a member of any squad (except Talent ID Squad) an athlete first must achieve the standard for Squad selection as set down by Athletics Otago within the 12 month period from the National Championship event to the next years National Championship event they are applying for squad selection. Athletes must meet clause 3.1 when the squad performance standard is achieved.  In addition, to be considered for nomination, the athlete must fulfill the following requirements:


3.1          Must be currently registered with an Athletics Otago affiliated club and/or Athletics Otago, and be eligible to compete in Athletics New Zealand events for Athletics Otago.


3.2          Must not be under suspension or other sanction by Athletics New Zealand for any doping or doping related offence.


3.3          Must commit to sign any applicable Athlete Agreement as required by Athletics Otago (i.e. Code of Conduct).


3.4          Must be in good financial standing with Athletics Otago.  In the event that the athlete is nominated to become a member of the squad, he/she must continue to meet these conditions as well as additional conditions contained in the signed Athlete Agreement.  The athlete also commits to participate in a mid season review of their training and performances if required.


3.5          Athletes with Disabilities must have a current Paralympics New Zealand athletics classification and must be a registered member of Paralympics New Zealand.


Once a member of any squad, failure to continue to fulfill these eligibility requirements may result in the athlete being withdrawn from any squad.

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