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Over the years there have been many fantastic performances by Otago Centre Athletes, and many of these are reflected in the records, some of which date back over 40 years. 

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Hi Everyone

With many of the squad travelling overseas or throughout New Zealand to compete recently I thought I would remind you all of the procedure of what you are required to do if you break an Otago record and wish to claim the record.  If you break a record at the Olympic Games, World Championships, Commonwealth Games, NZ T+F Champs (not NZ Secondary schools) or NZ Combined Events, then you are not required to obtain this information as we can accept that the performance and implement specification has all been checked.  Below are the by-laws and also what is required depending on what event you are claiming the record for. 
REMEMBER IT IS UP TO YOU AS THE ATHLETE TO OBTAIN ALL THIS INFORMATION and then send to the Athletics Otago Record Steward ( which happens to be me!) within 30 days.  Sometimes it may take a while to obtain all the paperwork but as long as you inform me that a record has been broken then that is OK. 
As always if you have  any questions then just send me an email. 
Cheers Deidre

Otago Records


(a) The following rules MUST be observed if you are applying for an Otago Record. An application form is available from the Record Steward and must be accompanied with a copy of the signed original result sheet.


(b) Records can be set at sanctioned IAAF meetings, sanctioned Provincial or National meetings, sanctioned Provincial or National Secondary School meetings.  Records may be set by Athletics Otago registered athletes as long as the below criteria have been met.


1.    Athletes must be a current Athletics Otago season registered member, when the record being applied for is performed.


2.    Only one competitor need participate in the event as long as the event has been programmed and duly advertised either written or orally.


3.    IAAF Rule 260(18)(d) is to be disregarded for Otago records i.e. Otago records may be set in Mixed Competition.


4.    Records should be applied for within 30 days of competition.  It is the athlete’s responsibility to apply for a

       record  performance.


5.    The Competition Arena must have a current Surveyors Certificate in accordance with IAAF and ANZ rules

       before the record is set (Current means for that particular meeting where record set).


6.    There must be at least two Athletics NZ Graded officials officiating at the time of record performance.  Where

       applicable the Starter, Wind Steward, Chief Timekeeper and Technical Manager must be ANZ Graded officials also.

        Where a race is run in lanes involving bends, at least one official must be positioned and officiating as a track umpire on each bend of the race during the record performance.


7.    All under age athletes (20 years or younger) must have their birth certificates sighted by the record steward

        before the record can be approved.


8.    All records must be checked and signed by an Athletics NZ B or higher Graded Track or Field Referee relevant

       to the event, when the record is set.  In the case of a field event, the field referee must verify the validity of the

        performance immediately the record is claimed.


9.    All track records must be electronically timed.  A photo of the record race signed by the Chief of Electronic

       Timing must accompany the record application.


10.  For all records up to and including 200m, LJ and TJ, information concerning wind speed, measured as indicated in IAAF Rule 163 (8-12) must be submitted. Wind velocity running behind the competitor must not measure more than plus 2 metres per second for a record application to proceed.  For Multi/Combined Events the wind shall be as indicated in IAAF Rule 260 clause 27 (no more than plus 4 metres per second; or when the average wind velocity based on the sum of the wind velocities divided by the number of such events shall not exceed plus 2 metres per second).


11.  All members of a relay team must be registered with one club for any Otago Club record. Otago Representative relay team records may only be set by a selected team representing Otago.


12.  For all walking records, there must be at least four judges who must all be Athletics NZ Graded Walk officials.  Before the competition, the walk judges must meet and appoint a chief who must be a graded ANZ official.


13.  Implements used for Field Event records shall be verified as correct by the Technical Manager before competition starts. The implement will then be pooled for any competitor in the event. If the said implement has not been verified as legal before the start of competition then it should be impounded and checked immediately after the competition finishes.


14. Records shall be forwarded for ratification to the Athletics Otago Management committee at the discretion of the

      Athletics Otago Records Committee.


15. Road walk performances will only be listed as Best Performances as course measurement accuracy is not

      always assured.  Performances will only be accepted if they are set at the Olympic Games, Commonwealth

     Games, World  Track and Field (Snr and Jnr) Champs, IAAF sanctioned Walk Event or New Zealand



16. Otago record standards for Athletes with Disabilities (PARA) will be 10% easier than the current New Zealand

      record for the classification in question, set at the time the athlete registers with Athletics Otago, unless the

     Otago Records committee deem to alter the standard. If a New Zealand record is set by an existing Otago

     athlete that has met all the above record rules, then this shall become the Otago record. Athletes with

     Disabilities (PARA) must have a current Paralympics New Zealand or International Athletics Classification and

     must be a registered member of Paralympics New Zealand. All existing relevant Otago record criteria must also

     have been met.


Throws Records
Get a copy of the original field sheet along with the signatures of all the officials at the event, Chief of the event and Field Referee.  Also verification (signature of Technical Manager) as per rule 13 above; that the implement used met the specifications required. If the officials are hesitant to recheck the distance ask them to pin the mark and it can be remeasured at the completion of the event.
Jumps records
As above excluding the implement section.  If relevant you will also need a copy of the wind reading sheet and the wind gauge steward signature.
A copy of the Electronic Timing photo along with the race results and the wind reading if relevant.  Signatures from the Electronic Timing Chief and also the Track referee are required and also the Chief Walk Judge (if relevant).
Combined Events
A copy of the full combined events score sheet, along with the signatures of the Field referee, Track Referee, Electronic Timing Chief and also the Technical Manager for implement specifications. Both the Field and Track Referee can only sign the result if rule 6 above has been adhered too at each event during the competition.













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